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What our customers are saying ...

“I really like the Tachyon products. In one of my production build environments (middling RS/6000 running AIX) the time per assembly was 1-2 seconds compared to 30 seconds on the native MVS platform.”
John Alvord
Candle Corporation

“I like the cross assembler because of the speed it provides in the development environment on the PC. The technical support has always been superior.”
Tim Patriquin
Senior Software Developer
BMC Software

“The Tachyon 390 Cross Assembler is easy to deploy. It is fast and the object produced is 100% compatible. The product and support are perfect.”
Christophe Bousquet
Amadeus Development

Dave Rivers, the lead developer for the SAS/C Cross-Platform Compiler product was very impressed... He states, “We have exhaustively tested the Tachyon 390 Cross Assembler for compatibility with the IBM High Level Assembler and for correctness of the generated object deck. We have run our most rigorous sources through the assembler and linked the object code with our production code. We found it works identically to the High Level Assembler.”
Quoted from the Fall 1996 issue of C Notes.

“We have been using the Professional Edition of the Tachyon Assembler Workbench for the past 4 years and it is of enormous benefit to us.

The z/Assembler is every bit as fast and as compatible with HLASM as is claimed.

The TOS debugging environment is very powerful. We use the TEST option when assembling and linking and find it very convenient for setting breakpoints at program labels. The WATCH facility is invaluable and I am not aware of a mainframe equivalent for testing purposes. The tracing and storage tracing facilities are also particularly useful for us. I would definitely prefer to debug under TOS than on the mainframe.

Our work is entirely in Assembler and our software is more reliant on z/OS control blocks than would be the case for most applications. The level of z/OS compatibility provided by TOS is truly impressive.

Finally, I could not fault the level of support and responsiveness provided by Tachyon Software. We are based in Australia and have on occasions received answers in ten minutes from the middle of the night in Denver. We have always received an acknowledgement and usually a solution as well within one day. When I consider the scope of the Tachyon offerings and the extent to which we have used them, the level of problems has been surprisingly low. I cannot speak for the current level of support (but I'm sure it is unchanged) because we haven't had a problem in more than a year.”

Ian Cairns
SDA Pty Ltd

“I was doing productive work within 30 minutes of installing the Tachyon z/Assembler. There are not many software products that become a trusted tool so quickly. You have a great product in the Tachyon z/Assembler. It is exactly what I needed.”
Bill Morgan
Software Consultant

“I just want to add here that I really appreciate the work that the Tachyon folks are doing with their assembler products. The products are rock solid, fast and even fun to use. I’ve fallen in love with assembler coding over that past few years and other people I know whose opinions I respect also think that Tachyon is a great tool.”
Paul Raulerson

“Our new build processing using the Tachyon Re-Xmit works out great. Our product packaging procedures are much faster and simpler than before.”
Don Thimsen
DTS Software, Inc.

“We can assemble an entire product (Space Recovery System) on a 400 MHz PC in 45 minutes and it takes over 3 hours to do the same on the P390. We are happy with development on the PC.”
Duane Reaugh
Manager, Technical Support
DTS Software, Inc.

And Connectivity Systems reports that the Tachyon 390 Cross Assembler is almost 100 times faster than HLASM for VSE on a P390.
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