Running the Binder

The Tachyon Linkage Editor is quite compatible with the IBM z/OS binder in its processing, inputs and printed outputs. The linkage editor can be invoked in one of two ways, either through a command line interface or through JCL.

The Tachyon Linkage Editor’s command line program is called tle. For ease of use within a make file, the tle program accepts a number of command-line parameters that are similar to other workstation-based linkers.

The options and control statements accepted by the Tachyon Linkage Editor as well as its command line interface is fully described in the Tachyon File Tools User’s Guide. You will need to refer to that guide in order to use the Tachyon Linkage Editor. The JCL interface to the Tachyon Linkage Editor is discussed in the next section since the JCL interface is usable only under the Tachyon Operating System.

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